December 2017 Screenshots

I did some end-of-year cleaning in Star Wars: The Old Republic and I’m down from 13 different characters to 8, one of each class.  And I have 4 of them all they way through the story that is out so far!  Only 4 more to go now.  First I had to re-roll my Jedi Consular to keep the appearance I like best but switch to the advanced class I like better.  I was able to get her from level 1 to 53!

From Padawan (above) to being Barsenthor of the Jedi Order (see below)!

I also had to choose which of my three bounty hunters to keep, I ended up keeping the one I like to call the ‘Lisa Frank of Bounty Hunters’.

Lastly, I got a new hairstyle and outfit for my Sith Inquistior and got her through the story all the way!

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November 2017 Screenshots

November brought an update to SWTOR so I’m having fun enjoying the new flashpoint and trying to organize all my different characters.  😉  Before the update I was still playing Mass Effect.

Then, playing through the new flashpoint in Star Wars: The Old Republic!  It was fun to see more of the Chiss, even though I don’t have any screenshots with any Chiss in them…

Looking forward to seeing how this story arc ends next year!

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Happy N7 Day!

Celebrating 10 years of Mass Effect this N7 Day!  Then later this month we’ll be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary!  A good month all around. 😀

First, Mass Effect 1, which began my love of Bioware’s video games.  (I guess it really started with Knights of the Old Republic, but it’s close enough.) 😉

To Mass Effect 2, the best sequel ever:

And finally ending Shepard’s story in Mass Effect 3.

And now on to a new start with Mass Effect Andromeda!

Looking forward to more Mass Effect adventures to come!

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October 2017 Screenshots

Yay for the screenshots of the month!  If you remember from last month, my current Pathfinder has had a haircut.  Her ponytail kept sticking out behind her in a weird way so I went with a shorter style.  😉

Meeting the Archon, the games main villain, has the crew a little tense:

I also continued on my journey to get one of each SWTOR class up to level cap and I’ve almost made it!  All I have left are my Sith Inquistor and my Jedi Knight, seen below.

I’m having fun getting used to all the classes I haven’t played for a long time.  It’s kind of fun to play through and get their different perspectives on the events going on in the galaxy.

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Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We enjoyed our first Home School Field Trip of the year to a local pumpkin patch.  We all had a great time!

The kids especially loved riding on the cow train, Sean is still talking about it.  🙂

We’re looking forward to the next field trip now: the Aquarium!!

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September 2017 Screenshots

September was a mostly Star Wars: The Old Republic month for me.  I was able to get my Imperial Agent up to level cap and through most of the story.  The Imperial Agent storyline is definitely one of my favorite!  I played as a Chiss this time because they are really cool, just look at Admiral Thrawn.  😉

And here she is surrounded by her allies:

At the end of the month I went back to Mass Effect: Andromeda and continued with Jane 2.0.  I still love the freckles!

Ready to start the adventure with the Pathfinder team:

Still just as fun as ever!

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August 2017 Screenshots

I’ve actually been playing a lot of games and taking a lot of screenshots lately, which is always fun!  This post is late because life is still crazy busy but going well.  We’ve made it to the sixth week of school, suffered through a week of stomach virus, enrolled Sean in speech therapy at the local elementary school and much more.

But, this post is about gaming, so on the screenshots! 😉  First, I finally finished playing through Mass Effect: Andromeda on Jade Ryder.

It is such an epic, beautiful game!

After I finished I couldn’t resist playing around with the new Character Creator options for my next playthrough: meet Jane 2.0.  I’m so glad they added freckles!!

Since then I have been back in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I really enjoyed the new flashpoint, even with the sad ending, can’t wait to see what happens next!

Also, I kept hearing that the class intro scenes had been redone so I created “baby” Jaihn to play through it.  And here is Jaihn, my very first character in the game, as she looked five years ago at launch:

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Sean in Kindergarten!

Sean took his Kindergarten Reading Readiness Test last week and passed it with flying colors! His adviser loved the self-portrait he drew as part of the test.  She said she was showing it off to the other people at her office.  🙂

I don’t have a picture of his self portrait but below is an example of one of the “comic strips” Sean has been drawing lately.

Sean got to pick out a Lego set as his reward for completing his Reading Readiness test and he picked one of the Lego Creator sets where you can make three different things.  He has spent the week since then taking it apart and building one of the vehicles over and over again.  Thankfully he can follow the instructions and build the sets all by himself now!

We started school this weekand so far Sean likes most of Kindergarten!

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July 2017 Screenshots

Just a few pictures from my July gaming, again I didn’t get much done but it was kind of a crazy month for us!  Still enjoyed a little bit of Dragon Age: Inquistion:

Back in the Deep Roads again, the realm of the dwarves:

Still working on my third Mass Effect: Andromeda playthrough, now making new friends on the ice plant of Havarl:

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