Budding Artists

Vesper and Sean have really been enjoying drawing the past couple months.  We bought them each a notebook to draw in and they have been hard at work filling in all the pages.  Vesper is really enjoying drawing “with” someone else, meaning she tells them what to draw.  🙂  Here is a picture she told Daddy to draw:


The next day she sat down and drew her own version of that picture all by herself!


Vesper has also learned to write her own name, she just needs help with which letter goes next and with spacing.  Here is an envelope that she addressed to herself, complete with balloon decorations:


Sean really did not draw anything recognizable up to about a month ago, although he could do really good X’s and O’s.  But we gave him the new drawing notebook and he sat down and drew this:


And then this:


Apparently he was just waiting for his own drawing book!  He is also branching off into toy sculptures now, making pictures with his blocks, cars or legos.  Can you see the man with a hat?


And the number?


Yep, I think we definitely have a couple artists on our hands!

Books I have been reading:

Lots of westerns by Louis L’Amour, I finished all the books from the library so I’m reading through the new L’Amour books we have been getting from my father-in-law’s flea market trips.  🙂