Miscellaneous Musings

Crazy month since the last post…but here are some highlights.  I am working on the kid’s Halloween costumes now, I’ll post about them soon (soon-ish, at least…).  Vesper and I made bread for school, we were learning about food groups.


Sean definitely approved of the bread!  (This picture also shows he was badly in need of a haircut.)


Which he got a couple weeks later:


It was the first time that I gave him a haircut at home but it turned out pretty well, thankfully!

Between school, keeping up with the house, and normal life’s business I have been looking forward to the new Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion coming out this Tuesday!  (By which I mean I have been leveling up characters like crazy and now have nine level 60 characters and one almost there…)  Should be fun, Jedi Knight Rhulash is ready to go!



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