Best Calendar Ever!!

This is the time of year when I start looking for a fun calendar for next year.  After looking at the selection of calendars on I complained to my friend that I couldn’t find any really good ones to replace my Mass Effect and Hobbit calendars from this year.  And she had a brilliant idea, why not make my own calendar using my huge collection of screenshots from my favorite video games.  With some help from my wonderful husband and I now have a calendar that I can’t wait to start using in January!


The name of the calendar comes from Star Wars: The Old Republic, my legacy in that game is called the Schep Legacy in honor of Commander Shepard (Shep).  So the calendar wouldn’t be complete without screenshots from Mass Effect 3 like the one below:


And this screenshot seemed perfect for November, our anniversary month:


The best part of the whole process is that I got to choose the picture for my birthday month, usually in calendars I buy the picture is something like Gollum…or something just as ugly. But not this time!


So…I’m ready for January 2016 now!!

Books I have read this week, continuing the British mystery theme:

Why Shoot a Butler by Georgette Heyer

A Man Lay Dead and Enter a Murderer by Ngaio Marsh