Jedi Knights

Introducing Jedi Knights Sean and Vesper:


Note the sad Jack ‘o Lantern to their right, designed by Vesper and cut by Daddy.  (Vesper drew a picture and we used that as the template for the actual pumpkin cutting.)


Two words: epic drama.  Welcome to life with Vesper.  😉

This costume project was pretty simple compared to last year.  I used the instructions from this post on the Simplistically Sassy blog to make the outer robe .  But since cutting the robe out freehand stressed me out I only did it once and then used that robe to make a pattern that I used for the second robe.  I love how easy it is to sew up the robe and how good it looks!  For the Jedi shirt I bought a couple long-sleeved white T-shirts and cut off the cuffs and collar to make them look more Jedi-like.  I re-finished the neck edge with a quick row of zigzag to keep it from stretching out too much.

IMG_20151110_195054Then I sewed up a few wide strips of white cotton to make the crossover piece and belt.  The belt fastened in the back with a bit of velcro and the costume was done!  IMG_20151110_195124 By itself the shirt looked like a pretty good Karate costume, two costumes in one.  🙂

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