Costume Photo Shoot

I was packing up all the costumes to put back in storage when I remembered that I didn’t get any pictures of myself in costume this year.  So my husband was kind enough to get the camera out once the kids were in bed for naps.  Since it was spur of the moment I did a much simpler hair-do, kudos to my husband for coming up with it. 🙂


I added an accessory to the outfit for the photoshoot, do you recognize the sword?  (Hint: It is from one of my favorite movies, based on one of my favorite books.)


The picture below highlights the added split and leather strap accent.


Full length view:


And one last picture, just because.


2 thoughts on “Costume Photo Shoot

    1. Meg

      Thanks!! It was a lot of fun even though I don’t really like getting my picture taken… The fun part was dressing up and playing with the sword. 🙂

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