Happy N7 Day 2016!!

I’m celebrating N7 Day by wearing my Tali hooded shirt!


For those who don’t know, N7 Day is an unofficial holiday every November 7th that is an excuse to spend the day thinking and talking about Mass Effect.  This year was extra special since the new Mass Effect game is coming out in the Spring and they released the game trailer today!!

I put together all the different pieces I have been gathering for my Commander Shepard fatigues cosplay, I’ve got quite a bit of what I need to start working on it!  I have all the fabric for the pants and chaps now as well as several patterns I can use as a basis for making up my own patterns for them.  I also have a pattern that will work if I want to make Shepard’s uniform shirt.  But I can always wear my N7 T-shirt and hoodie if I don’t want to mess with making the shirt.


Also, the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost DVD was on a really good sale on Amazon recently so I have added it to my collection.


And it came with a “Forever Normandy” sticker for my computer case!  I may be more excited about the sticker than the DVD…  😉


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