Kitten Update

I think last time I mentioned the animals we had one dog and a looot of cats.  Well, shortly after that we got a new puppy and lost most of our kittens.  Our slightly loopy mother cat, Princess, disappeared with three out of four of her kittens one day.  I was able to save Bandit, the last kitten, by bringing her inside before Princess came back for her.  My parents came over to pick her up that night and took her home with them.  She now goes by Tibbs and terrorizes their Border Collie for fun.  😉

We searched all over our property for the next few days and weeks but never found any sign of the other three kittens. But about a month later we heard a knock on the door and it was our neighbor’s kids asking if we wanted a kitten.  It was Snuffleupegas!!  He is quite healthy and seems very happy to be back home. 🙂  And we are very happy to have him back.