Sean in Kindergarten!

Sean took his Kindergarten Reading Readiness Test last week and passed it with flying colors! His adviser loved the self-portrait he drew as part of the test.  She said she was showing it off to the other people at her office.  🙂

I don’t have a picture of his self portrait but below is an example of one of the “comic strips” Sean has been drawing lately.

Sean got to pick out a Lego set as his reward for completing his Reading Readiness test and he picked one of the Lego Creator sets where you can make three different things.  He has spent the week since then taking it apart and building one of the vehicles over and over again.  Thankfully he can follow the instructions and build the sets all by himself now!

We started school this weekand so far Sean likes most of Kindergarten!

Currently Reading: 

Pawn by Timothy Zahn