August 2017 Screenshots

I’ve actually been playing a lot of games and taking a lot of screenshots lately, which is always fun!  This post is late because life is still crazy busy but going well.  We’ve made it to the sixth week of school, suffered through a week of stomach virus, enrolled Sean in speech therapy at the local elementary school and much more.

But, this post is about gaming, so on the screenshots! 😉  First, I finally finished playing through Mass Effect: Andromeda on Jade Ryder.

It is such an epic, beautiful game!

After I finished I couldn’t resist playing around with the new Character Creator options for my next playthrough: meet Jane 2.0.  I’m so glad they added freckles!!

Since then I have been back in Star Wars: The Old Republic.  I really enjoyed the new flashpoint, even with the sad ending, can’t wait to see what happens next!

Also, I kept hearing that the class intro scenes had been redone so I created “baby” Jaihn to play through it.  And here is Jaihn, my very first character in the game, as she looked five years ago at launch:

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