December 2017 Screenshots

I did some end-of-year cleaning in Star Wars: The Old Republic and I’m down from 13 different characters to 8, one of each class.  And I have 4 of them all they way through the story that is out so far!  Only 4 more to go now.  First I had to re-roll my Jedi Consular to keep the appearance I like best but switch to the advanced class I like better.  I was able to get her from level 1 to 53!

From Padawan (above) to being Barsenthor of the Jedi Order (see below)!

I also had to choose which of my three bounty hunters to keep, I ended up keeping the one I like to call the ‘Lisa Frank of Bounty Hunters’.

Lastly, I got a new hairstyle and outfit for my Sith Inquistior and got her through the story all the way!

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