Family Visit

My brother and his family visited us this past week and it was a lot of fun to catch up with them and their kids.  Vesper and Sean really enjoyed spending most of a day playing with them!  We spent the morning at the Amazeum with them:

Then we had them over for dinner that night and by the end of the day they were fast friends!

Cousins! 😀

Pre-Andromeda Preparations

As some of you may know, Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming out this week!!!  I may have mentioned it a few times on this blog… 😉  My wonderful friend Lacy just gave me the best gift ever: a whole week’s worth of frozen meals!  She even wrote up a beautiful menu for us:

It all looks delicious!

Other than having more time to just relax and enjoy my new game, it is so nice to know that I don’t have to do any planning for meals.  Hurray for a wonderful break coming this week!!  😀

The kids are especially excited about the Batman cookies! 🙂

My husband is actually tied with Lacy for the best gift ever: he is taking one of his weeks of vacation this week to give me extra time to enjoy Andromeda.  So wonderful!  We will also be heading to the Tulsa Planetarium and Air & Space Museum this week on a field trip.  I think it fits in well with the Andromeda theme for the week.  😉

Now just have to wait until Tuesday morning!

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February 2017 Screenshots

I have been slowly working my way through Mass Effect 3 still, due to sickness and good books to read.  😉  I am really close to finishing it though, we’ll see if I make it before Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out on the 21st!

First up is a screenshot of Shepard and Tali on Rannoch:

Next is a view of the Normandy cockpit with EDI, Joker and Shepard (from left to right) :

Finally, Shepard inside the Geth Server:

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Firebrand by Kristen Britain – We have been waiting a looong time for the latest book in the Green Rider series and it was really good!!  Only I can’t talk to Doug about all the cool stuff in it because he hasn’t read it yet…

New Puppy!

Meet Calvin, the newest addition to the Riddle menagerie:

I was trying to come up with a Quarian name from the Mass Effect series to go with Tali’Zorah but all I could think of was Kal’Reegar.  It didn’t sound right for the puppy, but it gave my husband the idea for Calvin.  We are all big Calvin & Hobbes fans so it is the perfect fit.  😀

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January 2017 Screenshots

My gaming in January: all Mass Effect, all the time.  😉  I am nearing the end of my play-through of the Mass Effect series now.  When January began Commander Jyn Shepard was in the middle of the first Mass Effect:

Then I started and completed Mass Effect 2:

And finished up the month about a third of the way through Mass Effect 3:

And I am really excited that Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming out next month!! 😀  I may have mentioned that before…

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Prisoner’s Base by Rex Stout

2017 Calendar

It was recently brought to my attention that I never did a post showing off my 2017 screenshot calendar so, of course, I had to get some pictures of it for the blog.  🙂  Since I can get better screenshots now I was able to order a the larger format calendar and I really like it!  Here is the front cover featuring a picture of Kaer Morhen:

It was really hard to pick only 12 pictures out of all my screenshots from last year but I’m really happy with how it turned out.  And I had some help from my husband when I got stuck. 🙂 So here is a little glimpse at some of the months, starting with a screenshot from my latest play-through of Dragon Age: Inquisition:

All the greenery in the picture below seemed perfect for April.

And, as my husband pointed out, it was very fitting to use a Star Wars: The Old Republic for the month of May since May 4th is an unofficial Star Wars holiday.  “May the 4th be with you!” 😉

More Star Wars for July, the sparks reminded me of fireworks.

Can’t have a calendar without Commander Shepard and crew from Mass Effect!

And to close off the year one of my favorite screenshots from Dragon Age.

I am enjoying it!

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Homeschool Field Trip: Amazeum

We went to the Amazeum, a hands-on learning museum, on our last homeschool field trip.

They had a note on their sign welcoming our group so I had to get a picture of the kids in front of it. 🙂  The kids loved all the different areas, especially the Nature Valley Water Amazements and the Nickelodeon Play Lab (not pictured).

Vesper also really, really loved the Canopy Climber!  Sean takes after me and does not like heights at all but he did try it a little bit.

They had fun at the Homestead Cabin & Farm, too.

And they also did some painting and building in the special exhibit area.

Today both kids keep asking to go back, I think it was a hit!  And we didn’t even make it to all the exhibits.  That just means more to explore when we go back!  🙂

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Rearranging & Decorating Rooms

This month we have done a lot of rearranging of furniture in all the bedrooms as well as hanging up all the new posters/pictures we got for Christmas.  First, my Mom gave us one of her beautiful paintings from this past year and we added it to our picture wall in the living room.

Next, we hung up the posters that I bought for Doug for Christmas in our bedroom.

Vesper got a beautiful print of an illustration from Little House in the Big Woods for Christmas and I added it to the pictures she already has in her room.

I also rearranged some of her other pictures and posters while I was at it.


The picture in the middle below is one that she colored herself from her over-sized Christmas coloring book, she did such a good job we hung it up for her. 🙂

Sean had only one picture in his room, a drawing of Lightning McQueen by my very talented friend, Lacy.

Since Sean only had one picture I let him pick out a poster at Wal-Mart to brighten up his room a little bit.

I also have a few Hobbit posters scattered around the house, this one below is hanging next to the door we use all the time.  It seemed fitting.  🙂

This one is hanging in my sewing nook just because it is one of my favorites.


And that is it.  We are all really enjoying our “new” house now!

Computer Desk Decorations

Our computer desks got much more cool over Christmas!  My desk is starting to get a little crowded… (Also, my third Hobbit poster is hanging above my desk alongside all the Star Wars goodness.) 😉

The new Funko figures are (from left to right but not necessarily next to each other): Boba Fett, Dr. Strange, Jyn Erso, and Belle.  The new Barbie is Wonder Woman from the Batman vs. Superman movie.  Note my new white Xbox One controller, I call it “The Stormtrooper”.

Over the past year I have added the Schleich Batman and Superman figures and I received the tan horse figure in my stocking.  The Star Wars shuttle was also in my stocking, a present from my Dad.

And this is how my desk looks during a gaming session, book on the left side to read during loading screens along with paper to write notes.  On the right is my trusty water bottle.

Doug also received a lot of cool Schleich figures as well as a Lego Clone Trooper and a Funko POP figure.  His desk is starting to look pretty cool now!

Schleich figures of the Justice League:

Funko POP of Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z and a Lego figure of Commander Cody.

In other decor news, you do not want to steal our movies, my dragon will hunt you down!

And I found these beautiful prints by MyCKS on Etsy!  From left to right, they are of Princess Leia from Star Wars, Kaidan Alenko from Mass Effect and Commander Shepard from Mass Effect.

So much geeky!  😀

Sean’s Art

Another post about Sean’s art, some writing and object sculptures mixed in, too.  Disclaimer: I have not taught him any writing, he just loves numbers and letters so much that he learned to write on his own.

The monkey below is one that Sean drew using Christopher Hart’s Drawing Animals Shape by Shape drawing book.  We also have the original Shape by Shape drawing books and he especially loves drawing the pirate from that one.

Numbers and a creature:

Words written from memory with illustrations:

Robot from Sean’s imagination:

Words written from memory:

Another one drawn with a Shape by Shape book’s instructions:

Writing words with hot wheels:

Writing a number with number magnets:

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