Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

We enjoyed our first Home School Field Trip of the year to a local pumpkin patch.  We all had a great time!

The kids especially loved riding on the cow train, Sean is still talking about it.  🙂

We’re looking forward to the next field trip now: the Aquarium!!

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Sean in Kindergarten!

Sean took his Kindergarten Reading Readiness Test last week and passed it with flying colors! His adviser loved the self-portrait he drew as part of the test.  She said she was showing it off to the other people at her office.  🙂

I don’t have a picture of his self portrait but below is an example of one of the “comic strips” Sean has been drawing lately.

Sean got to pick out a Lego set as his reward for completing his Reading Readiness test and he picked one of the Lego Creator sets where you can make three different things.  He has spent the week since then taking it apart and building one of the vehicles over and over again.  Thankfully he can follow the instructions and build the sets all by himself now!

We started school this weekand so far Sean likes most of Kindergarten!

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Last Day of School 2016-17

We finished school for the year!  Sean completed Pre-K and Vesper finished First Grade.  They both recieved their certificates and a lego set to celebrate.  Vesper loves her Veterinarian set, she built it all by herself.

Sean recieved a 3-in-1 Lego set and has already built and destroyed the helicopter.  After he took apart the helicopter he built the plane below.  And he is currently wanting to take the plane apart in order to build the last version of the set: the snowmobile.

Playing outside after finishing the last bits of school!

Sean with Snuffles, his best buddy.

And Yowler’s four kittens taking a nap, their normal activity so far.  🙂

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Pre-Andromeda Preparations

As some of you may know, Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming out this week!!!  I may have mentioned it a few times on this blog… 😉  My wonderful friend Lacy just gave me the best gift ever: a whole week’s worth of frozen meals!  She even wrote up a beautiful menu for us:

It all looks delicious!

Other than having more time to just relax and enjoy my new game, it is so nice to know that I don’t have to do any planning for meals.  Hurray for a wonderful break coming this week!!  😀

The kids are especially excited about the Batman cookies! 🙂

My husband is actually tied with Lacy for the best gift ever: he is taking one of his weeks of vacation this week to give me extra time to enjoy Andromeda.  So wonderful!  We will also be heading to the Tulsa Planetarium and Air & Space Museum this week on a field trip.  I think it fits in well with the Andromeda theme for the week.  😉

Now just have to wait until Tuesday morning!

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Homeschool Field Trip: Amazeum

We went to the Amazeum, a hands-on learning museum, on our last homeschool field trip.

They had a note on their sign welcoming our group so I had to get a picture of the kids in front of it. 🙂  The kids loved all the different areas, especially the Nature Valley Water Amazements and the Nickelodeon Play Lab (not pictured).

Vesper also really, really loved the Canopy Climber!  Sean takes after me and does not like heights at all but he did try it a little bit.

They had fun at the Homestead Cabin & Farm, too.

And they also did some painting and building in the special exhibit area.

Today both kids keep asking to go back, I think it was a hit!  And we didn’t even make it to all the exhibits.  That just means more to explore when we go back!  🙂

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Homeschool Field Trip: Har-Ber Village

We went on our second field trip earlier this month and had a wonderful time exploring Har-Ber Village!  Sean was posing as a tough cowboy in this picture:


And here they are posing as sheriff and prisoner, with a little help from Daddy:


Sean saw a picture of this statue on our brochure map and was really excited about it.  So of course we had to take a picture by it, you can see the old church in the background.


It was a beautiful day for walking around outside and there were a lot of interesting displays.  Doug and I could have spent a lot more time looking at them but the kids had a shorter attention span.  😉  I couldn’t resist taking pictures of some of the uniforms they had on display, too many costume ideas to pass up!


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Mass Effect comic books (in keeping with N7 day earlier this week) 😉

Homeschool Field Trip: Bluff Dweller’s Cavern Tour

We went on our first field trip with the Homeschool group today to the Bluff Dweller’s Cavern in MO.  The kids really enjoyed it, especially when a bat decided to fly through the group multiple times.  Sean really wanted to hold the bat!

The entrance to the cave is right where Sean is pointing in this picture:


We had to split into two groups for the tour so we enjoyed the beautiful Fall weather while waiting for our turn to go.


Since the field trip took up the whole morning Vesper got to take a day off of school. I had her read a book to me as her homework for the day and she told me that we should do that for school everyday.  😉

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First Day of School 2016

We started school last week!!  That’s right, we are starting early again this year.  But next year we will be able to actually start school at a normal date in August.  I’m looking forward to it!

This year things are a bit crazier with both kids doing school at the same time but we have settled into a pretty good schedule now that we are in the second week.  Both kids are doing really, really well!  Vesper is excited to be reading and writing words and Sean is enjoying learning his songs and listening to stories.2016-07-25 FirstDayofSchool

Sean wanted to practice writing while Vesper was working on her writing so here he is writing out his ABC’s:

FirstDayOfSchool 2016 001

Well…he is actually telling me to be quiet and not to take his picture.  😉  Vesper was finished with her homework by then so she wanted me to take a picture of her newest dance move.

FirstDayOfSchool 2016 002

We’re looking forward to getting more involved with our local homeschool group this year!  Now that the kids are older I think they will really enjoy the activities and field trips.

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First Loose Tooth!

Vesper learned about Dentists and losing baby teeth in school this week and we found out today that she has her first loose tooth!  She was very excited about the discovery and the timing was perfect.  🙂  Now she just needs to be patient until it comes out…

No pictures of the loose tooth but here is a picture of the kids all dressed up in their Christmas outfits for you to enjoy.


Miscellaneous Musings

Crazy month since the last post…but here are some highlights.  I am working on the kid’s Halloween costumes now, I’ll post about them soon (soon-ish, at least…).  Vesper and I made bread for school, we were learning about food groups.


Sean definitely approved of the bread!  (This picture also shows he was badly in need of a haircut.)


Which he got a couple weeks later:


It was the first time that I gave him a haircut at home but it turned out pretty well, thankfully!

Between school, keeping up with the house, and normal life’s business I have been looking forward to the new Star Wars: The Old Republic expansion coming out this Tuesday!  (By which I mean I have been leveling up characters like crazy and now have nine level 60 characters and one almost there…)  Should be fun, Jedi Knight Rhulash is ready to go!