I have decided to stop trying to write two blog posts a week now that we are busy with Kindergarten.  We’ll see if I can keep up with just one a week for now.  Quick geek update: I just ordered this new case for my Nexus and I love it!


The only problem with it is that it blocks cell signal…which means that I have to take it off the phone when I’m at home since our house is already the black hole that makes all cell signal disappear.  Oh, well, it still looks really pretty!

Now that I am teaching my daughter Kindergarten my weekends are turning into school preparation time.  I think I spent at least five hours on it this past weekend!  Good time to catch up on shows on Netflix. 🙂  Here is the pile of supplies that I needed for the preparation:


And here are the colored and/or laminated pieces ready to be cut out, along with a couple completed craft examples:


I have still been finding time to read and play some video games, generally while the kids are sleeping in the afternoon.  I am currently playing Star Wars: The Old Republic and enjoying my playthrough as a Jedi Consular.  I finally figured out the new wardrobe/outfit system and she now looks really pretty!

Breaking News:  Cosplay by McCall’s is having a sale on some of their patterns!  Quite a few of them are down to $3.99, so it is definitely a good time to stock up.  🙂  I may have bought a couple…or six…

Books I have read recently:

Hard Contact & Triple Zero by Karen Traviss

Sylvester by Georgette Heyer

A Monstrous Regiment of Women by Laurie R. King

Learning Center

We are already starting our fourth week of Kindergarten!  It seems crazy that it is going by so fast.  Vesper is still really enjoying it, which makes the whole homeschooling process fun for both of us.


We now have her “learning center” set up and it is working very well:

IMG_20150710_085803We’re getting into a pretty good routine and can usually finish in an hour and a half.  Vesper has learned the Pledge of Allegiance, Psalm 100:1-3a, three letter sounds and songs to go with them, numbers 1-5, Days of Creation 1-5 and all the days of the week.  Sean enjoys joining in on the letter sounds and songs so I think he will be a little ahead once he hits Kindergarten.  🙂

Books I have read recently (the ones that I remember…):

Full Disclosure by Dee Henderson

Pirate King by Laurie R. King