Birthday Book Bags!

I think my friends and family know I like books!  I got two new book bags, they could technically be used for shopping or crocheting, but they are both book-themed.

The one on the right was hand-made by my very talented sister-in-law and it is gorgeous!  I love the Alice in Wonderland fabric that she used to make it.  It is definitely my new library trip bag!

Can’t wait for our next trip to the library (both because of the new bag and because I am almost through all my books from last time…).

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Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

Costume Photo Shoot

I was packing up all the costumes to put back in storage when I remembered that I didn’t get any pictures of myself in costume this year.  So my husband was kind enough to get the camera out once the kids were in bed for naps.  Since it was spur of the moment I did a much simpler hair-do, kudos to my husband for coming up with it. 🙂


I added an accessory to the outfit for the photoshoot, do you recognize the sword?  (Hint: It is from one of my favorite movies, based on one of my favorite books.)


The picture below highlights the added split and leather strap accent.


Full length view:


And one last picture, just because.


Happy N7 Day 2016!!

I’m celebrating N7 Day by wearing my Tali hooded shirt!


For those who don’t know, N7 Day is an unofficial holiday every November 7th that is an excuse to spend the day thinking and talking about Mass Effect.  This year was extra special since the new Mass Effect game is coming out in the Spring and they released the game trailer today!!

I put together all the different pieces I have been gathering for my Commander Shepard fatigues cosplay, I’ve got quite a bit of what I need to start working on it!  I have all the fabric for the pants and chaps now as well as several patterns I can use as a basis for making up my own patterns for them.  I also have a pattern that will work if I want to make Shepard’s uniform shirt.  But I can always wear my N7 T-shirt and hoodie if I don’t want to mess with making the shirt.


Also, the Mass Effect: Paragon Lost DVD was on a really good sale on Amazon recently so I have added it to my collection.


And it came with a “Forever Normandy” sticker for my computer case!  I may be more excited about the sticker than the DVD…  😉


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The Protector by Dee Henderson


Last Minute Costume Mash-Up

I have been slowly but surely collecting the fabric and notions for my Commander Shepard costume but it is still solidly in the planning stage.  I did finally find boots for it, though!  But I have been way too busy sewing the kids’ costumes to even think about sewing something new for myself.  Then I thought of my box of costumes in storage and decided to see what I could do with what I have already sewn.  And after a few hours of work last night and this morning I have a new costume! 😀

I started with a dress I sewed during college for the Medieval Faire put on by one of my history classes. Then I added the belt and gauntlets I made for the Tauriel costume from a couple of years ago.


As for the alterations, I added a slit to the front of the skirt and gathered it up to about knee-height.  Then I sewed up a quick leather strap accent to cover the gathering stiches.  I’ll be wearing boots with it, again from my Tauriel costume.


The last touch was covering an elastic headband with some more leather so my hair accesory would match the rest of the outfit.  I’m excited to have something fun and new to wear without having to do much work!


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Truth Seeker by Dee Henderson

Bat Princess: Finished!!

Grommet strips attached to the back of the dress and cord laced up: Check!


Cape in progress: Check!


Cape completed: Check!


Decorative trim hand sewn around the neckline: Check!


Pictures of the kids in their completed costumes: Coming soon!

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The Guardian by Dee Henderson

Bat Princess: Sleeves & Grommets

Last week I had another sewing first: using grommets on a garment.  I was a little intimidated because I’ve only heard bad things about grommets…


However, I was pleasantly surprised by how straight forward it was to put these in.  It was time-consuming but not too difficult after all!  I think it really helped that I marked and cut the holes with scissors before putting in the grommets.


I also put together all the many pieces of the sleeve finally!  I had Vesper try them on to see how they fit before sewing them to the dress:


And here it is all together, just missing the hem and cape now.


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The Queen’s Poisoner by Jeff Wheeler

Bat Princess: Update #2

We have all been sick this week but I have still been able to get quite a bit of sewing done anyway.  Vesper’s costume is starting to look really good!  Here she is trying it on after I completed the neck ruffle:


Next I sewed up the side seams and attached the first piece of the sleeves:


Today I was able to spend a lot of the day sewing together the other three pieces of each sleeve.  Thankfully I have an audiobook from the library to listen to, it makes all the sewing go much more smoothly.


And here is one of the two sets of sleeve pieces that I completed:


Bat Princess: First Fitting

I was able to start on Vesper’s Halloween costume last week and it is going pretty well so far.  Once I had the main body of the dress put together Vesper tried it on to make sure it would fit okay since it was looking a bit big.


It looks like it is a good fit around, just a little long.  The length will be easy to fix at least!  I was able to get the interfacing done around the neckline and sewed in the slit.


Now on to the neck ruffle!

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Musketeer Costume: Finished!

The first costume is done!!  Sean loves it and really wants to play with his hat and sword all the time.  I keep telling him he has to wait until after Halloween.  As you can see, he was really enjoying trying on the tabard once I finished it.


We found some boots at Wal-Mart last weekend so we even have all the accessories ready now.  Now, on to Vesper’s costume!

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