April 2017 Flooding

April showers went out with a bang this year!  We had tons of rain the last weekend of April and had the most flooding we have ever seen.  Our creek spread out over the hay field and made it all the way to the old chicken house.

Our wet weather creek turned into quite a river that spread into our hay field to meet the creek in the middle.  This is a picture of it from our porch, thankfully our house is up on top of the hill so we got to enjoy all the rain in safety.

The next day we took a field trip to the Beaver Lake Dam where the flood gates were all the way open, it was amazing to see all the water.

You can see the lake on the left in the background, even with the flood gates all the way open the lake was up to the top of the dam.

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April 2017 Screenshots

So many Mass Effect screenshots this month!  I was able to finish up my second play-through and I think this character is my favorite so far.  First up is Sara rescuing the Moshae:

I love all the textures and effects in the game, especially when snow/rain/dust accumulate on your character’s armor.

Investigating a Remnant vault:

The space map is beautiful!

On a mission with Vetra:

Reyes causing trouble again. 😉

I loved the lighting in this cave shot:

Taking time off for dancing.

Meeting the family. 🙂

Planting Cora’s garden:

Matching purple armor!

Heading to the final confrontation:

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Time Bomb & Zahndry Others by Timothy Zahn

Birthday Book Bags!

I think my friends and family know I like books!  I got two new book bags, they could technically be used for shopping or crocheting, but they are both book-themed.

The one on the right was hand-made by my very talented sister-in-law and it is gorgeous!  I love the Alice in Wonderland fabric that she used to make it.  It is definitely my new library trip bag!

Can’t wait for our next trip to the library (both because of the new bag and because I am almost through all my books from last time…).

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Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

March 2017 Screenshots

Since Mass Effect: Andromeda came out in March that is pretty much the only game I played.  And I have a loooot of screenshots because it is a gorgeous game!

First playthrough character: Jayn Ryder.

First planet in the game:

One of the prettiest planets in the game:

Various characters:

Hanging out with friends:

A shot of space:

Jayn’s twin brother, Scott:

Setting up for a soccer game for the first colony settled in the Andromeda galaxy:

And that is just the beginning of many, many screenshots and playthroughs.  😀

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Nexus Uprising by Jason M. Hough & K. C. Alexander

Kitten Update

I think last time I mentioned the animals we had one dog and a looot of cats.  Well, shortly after that we got a new puppy and lost most of our kittens.  Our slightly loopy mother cat, Princess, disappeared with three out of four of her kittens one day.  I was able to save Bandit, the last kitten, by bringing her inside before Princess came back for her.  My parents came over to pick her up that night and took her home with them.  She now goes by Tibbs and terrorizes their Border Collie for fun.  😉

We searched all over our property for the next few days and weeks but never found any sign of the other three kittens. But about a month later we heard a knock on the door and it was our neighbor’s kids asking if we wanted a kitten.  It was Snuffleupegas!!  He is quite healthy and seems very happy to be back home. 🙂  And we are very happy to have him back.

Family Visit

My brother and his family visited us this past week and it was a lot of fun to catch up with them and their kids.  Vesper and Sean really enjoyed spending most of a day playing with them!  We spent the morning at the Amazeum with them:

Then we had them over for dinner that night and by the end of the day they were fast friends!

Cousins! 😀

Pre-Andromeda Preparations

As some of you may know, Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming out this week!!!  I may have mentioned it a few times on this blog… 😉  My wonderful friend Lacy just gave me the best gift ever: a whole week’s worth of frozen meals!  She even wrote up a beautiful menu for us:

It all looks delicious!

Other than having more time to just relax and enjoy my new game, it is so nice to know that I don’t have to do any planning for meals.  Hurray for a wonderful break coming this week!!  😀

The kids are especially excited about the Batman cookies! 🙂

My husband is actually tied with Lacy for the best gift ever: he is taking one of his weeks of vacation this week to give me extra time to enjoy Andromeda.  So wonderful!  We will also be heading to the Tulsa Planetarium and Air & Space Museum this week on a field trip.  I think it fits in well with the Andromeda theme for the week.  😉

Now just have to wait until Tuesday morning!

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February 2017 Screenshots

I have been slowly working my way through Mass Effect 3 still, due to sickness and good books to read.  😉  I am really close to finishing it though, we’ll see if I make it before Mass Effect: Andromeda comes out on the 21st!

First up is a screenshot of Shepard and Tali on Rannoch:

Next is a view of the Normandy cockpit with EDI, Joker and Shepard (from left to right) :

Finally, Shepard inside the Geth Server:

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Firebrand by Kristen Britain – We have been waiting a looong time for the latest book in the Green Rider series and it was really good!!  Only I can’t talk to Doug about all the cool stuff in it because he hasn’t read it yet…

New Puppy!

Meet Calvin, the newest addition to the Riddle menagerie:

I was trying to come up with a Quarian name from the Mass Effect series to go with Tali’Zorah but all I could think of was Kal’Reegar.  It didn’t sound right for the puppy, but it gave my husband the idea for Calvin.  We are all big Calvin & Hobbes fans so it is the perfect fit.  😀

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Prisoner’s Base by Rex Stout

January 2017 Screenshots

My gaming in January: all Mass Effect, all the time.  😉  I am nearing the end of my play-through of the Mass Effect series now.  When January began Commander Jyn Shepard was in the middle of the first Mass Effect:

Then I started and completed Mass Effect 2:

And finished up the month about a third of the way through Mass Effect 3:

And I am really excited that Mass Effect: Andromeda is coming out next month!! 😀  I may have mentioned that before…

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Prisoner’s Base by Rex Stout